Our Welsummers and Americanas did not know about the holidays and kept up a steady supply of eggs this Christmas.

Thank you ladies for the good work despite the subzero temperatures!

And thank you to those clients that took the time to call and  compliment these beautiful eggs.


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2 responses to “Eggs

  1. Dick Buehler

    Wonderful looking healthy eggs. I live just down the road from you and would appreciate some help in getting started with raising a few chickens for our home use. If you can spare a few minutes of your time I would certainly like to visit your ranch for some advice.
    PS. Just started a hive of bees and perhaps you have some advice for this also.
    Dick Buehler

    • We would love to show you the chickens at some point. We are in the middle of lambing but mid June should be quieter. I am off this weekend and could call you for a visit. We weaned out the bees but had some nice honey last year. When my husband is home more he will get some more.

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